Full service LED Lighting solution

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Eco Light Up is a Premium LED Lighting Upgrade service and wholesaler. As a full service, we offer a unique vertical integration structure to help you business save time and money throughout your transition to energy efficient lighting.

Why full service?

Eco Light Up boasts a unique vertically integrated system, meaning our clients deal directly with us and no outside costs to contractors. As a ‘one stop shop’ for all your energy saving, we are on the front line for energy efficient products for you entire business.As a full service, Eco Light Up owns their own fully licensed and insured installation equipment including boom and scissor lifts. This means our clients don’t have to pay additional costs for hiring expensive installation equipment. We pride ourselves on our high quality customer service and products to match.

Products matter

As LED lighting is more efficient, has a lower power consumption and lasts significantly longer than halogen you will save a considerable amount of money on your power bills. Along with shrinking your power bills, you will be making the Eco choice for the environment. At Eco Light Up, we have total control of manufacturing quality meaning long term warranties so you can enjoy a low risk investment with high returns with you upgrade to better quality and efficient lighting.

subsidised LED

Eco Light Up specializes in commercial upgrades. As an accredited business under the VEET scheme, we are eligible for large rebates which translates to affordable lighting or possibly free lighting for Victorian businesses, depending on certain qualifying criteria. We upgrade high bays, fluorescent tubes and down lights. Our upgrades include full installation and backed by a full Australian warranty. Our procedure is simple. From start to finish we take care of it all, from the install all through to the paperwork. Our team will ensure you enjoy a hassle free experience.

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