About Eco light up

who we are

Eco Light Up is a Victorian based premium lighting wholesaler, with 3 locations across VIC and now NSW. As an accredited provider under the VEET and IPART government rebate scheme, we are able to obtain large rebates which ensure that commercial lighting upgrades are as cost effective as possible. Our accreditation allows us to operate in the domestic (21c) and commercial (34) sectors of the scheme. Established 10 years ago, our consultative services and technical knowledge is of an exceptional standard and we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of LED and energy efficient lighting technology in every aspect.

Our clients

As a wholesaler, Eco Light Up has distributed its products to electricians, home improvement and electrical stores Australia wide. We offer a variety of LED lighting products including downlights, globes, lights, flood lights, high bays, lamps and more. As a LED commercial upgrade provider we have helped a wide range of businesses make the transition to LED with ease – from large blue chip clients like Linfox to the local car mechanic shop, Eco Light Up helped tens of thosands of businesses change to LED lighting for free.

"Our Lighting Upgrade has been a breeze with Eco Light Up. Their full service took care of everything. Fantastic quality and 100% government subsidy so we didn't have to pay a cent!"
Alene Ryans
Services Manager
"Eco Light Up approached us after our business qualified for a fully government subsidised LED upgrade. Their installers came and got rid of our old lights and replaced them for free! Great customer service and our electricity bill has halved! Five stars!"
Sarah White
Managing Director
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